About Me

 Hello all, I am Anthony and I love fitness and being active. I hold certifications through ACE The American Council on Exercise and NASM The National Academy of Sports Medicine. I offer services both in person and online. My goal is to provide quality and effective personal training for everyone. Whether it be one-on-one fitness training and health coaching or personalized online training via my fitness training app, your fitness, health and wellness goals will be met. 


Whatever your fitness goals – to lose fat, tone or build muscle, improve overall health, increase flexibility, attain core strength, and/or eat healthier, I will formulate a customized, successful fitness program that will yield results.

Let me be your partner in helping you sustain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Creative resistance training
  • Cardio program
  • Out-of-town workouts
  • Accountability and nutritional guidance
  • Food and nutritional guidance
  • Flexable Scheduling

Do you want to drop a few pounds and build lean muscles while getting your health in order. Some of the benifits we will accomplish working togther.

  • Speed up your metabolism so you shed fat and keep it off for good
  • Look better naked
  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Be healthy and see your kids and grandkids grow up
  • Have energy to enjoy doing things with friends and family


ACE Certified Health Coach
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist
ACE Weight Management Specialist 

NASM Senior Fitness Specialist
NASM Group Personal Training Specialization
ACE Sports Conditioning Specialist
TRX & RIP Training Certified